A Journey From Heartbreak To Hope

Anne Spalding

This book is about overcoming 18 years of a terrible illness with no cure. I read so many books, but nothing helped me, I just got more depressed and ill. I wanted an uplifting book, a book of hope that I would get well again. That is why I had to write this book! It is very positive, funny and it covers all the things I tried.

No matter what illness you have, this book helps challenge your negative thoughts, whatever your illness is.

I loved working as a nurse for the British Nursing Association before my illness. So, if you want to stop your medicine or diet, I would get advice from your doctor first as I am not qualified to do so.

I hope this little book will give you the confidence to NEVER give up and keep on going until you get a breakthrough.

There is an answer to everything, you just need to keep looking and you will find it.

I found the answer and you will too.

Anne Spalding
Anne Spalding
Anne Spalding Book